1. Are international shipments made? How much is the shipping?
Yes, shipments are made worldwide! Shipping is free worldwide.
2. Where are the shipments made? Our stock is in Asia. To reduce energy costs and have
affordable prices.   3. How long does the item take to arrive? Processing time is 1 to 7 days. Shipments usually take between
1 and 2 weeks! But sometimes objects can take up to 60 days
depends on your destination.   4. 60 days have passed and the order has not arrived? Do not worry! We can resend the item or guarantee the money
back. 5. I have received only part of the shipment. Where is
everything else? We use different factories to produce our clothes and
accessories. Just as we produce in different parts of Asia,
it can have different shipping times. For this reason, the
shipment can arrive separately. 6. And what about customs fees? We are not responsible for customs fees. Buying our
products you automatically accept the customs fees
(it rarely happens, it depends on the country) 7. Will the item arrive before ________? If you plan to buy at our store for birthdays or occasional
gifts, we do not recommend doing so if you are already in the
month in which it will be celebrated. There is a risk that
the object does not arrive on time. We are not responsible for
objects that do not arrive in time for your needs.