Returns and exchanges.

1. I have changed my opinion! I do not want my purchase.
We do not refund the money if the order is already being processed 
or already shipped. But you can contact us as soon as possible,
after placing the order. In this way we can cancel your order and
return the money.   2. Can I return an item for a full money back? We offer free return if there is any defect associated with the
item because of OUR fault! If you have any problems, report before
5 days.   3. Can I exchange the item for a larger or smaller one? If you are wrong with the size, unfortunately we cannot offer
you a free exchange, but we can offer you an alternative if you
contact us. All our products have different measurements, so it
is very important to compare the measurements before buying
the product. Do you want the specific measures for any product?
Send us an e-mail!